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Web Design

Fast and Affordable solutions

Most of my websites are made in WordPress, which has the following advantages:

thanks to a ready-made system, much of the programming work can be saved. This makes your new website cheaper and quick to build.

Extensions make it easy to add new features and elements to your website, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming development work.

With its
simple control panel and easy-to-learn content management system, you too can easily learn how to manage, create, manage your blog or web store.

Thanks to its regular updates, your website can always run with maximum security.

Personalized offers

No matter how big your budget is, I will create the most professional website possible for your budget. Minimizing expenses is very important for start-ups or small businesses, with solutions based on 1-page or ready-made WordPress templates, you can start a new business with a spectacular website on a small budget.


from 200€


from 300€


from 450€


from 600€


All pages are designed with a mobile-friendly, responsive technology that recognizes the size of the display and adjusts the elements on it. When your customers opens a page on a smartphone, he they see a perfectly readable, optimized version that suits flawlessly to the width of the screen. So they can focus on the content straight away, instead of zooming and scrolling to make the content readable, as it often happens with outdated pages. The forms and other important elements are also fully compatible with any mobile browser so your customers are not going to meet any annoying, inactive or non-displayable elements. Nowadays it is essential that your website clearly demonstrates the professionalism of your business!

All the websites we manage are SSL-certified so that their visitors can securely encrypt their website, register and pay securely through the channel, without their personal data falling into unauthorized hands.

Full service

From the first consultation to the final commissioning of your website, I will do all the necessary work. I am just waiting for you to share your dreams, plans, ideas and make the necessary elements, texts and images available. I only ask for your help in creating the content, because you understand your profession and business the best. I take all other tasks off my shoulders during development. I register and set up the domain name and hosting service of your choice; install and test your new website; perform all necessary and important registrations (Google Analytics, Map, Webmaster Tools, etc.); I link your site to existing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. with your accounts; I might create them if you don’t already have them.

After all this, I will provide you with the registration details, passwords and the entire file for all websites – unlike many service providers who withhold them from their customers for future benefit. I guarantee the 100% faultless operation of the site, I will correct any problems that may arise – not due to a user error. I am at your disposal even after the launch of the site, I need any kind of maintenance, development and modification!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most important element during the creation of a website. Even the most beautiful webpage is useless if it is invisible. This is where most of the problems arise when you are not creating a professional, amateur website. They do not know this important part of the profession, so they do not deal with it. Our web pages are structurally fully compatible with all the popular search engines. I take great care to create and set up all the onsite SEO elements to make your website as search engine friendly as possible and to ensure a perfect appearance on social media as well. After completion, we take every necessary step, indexing for each customer regardless the price category, and as a bonus we offer extra search engine optimization opportunities to ensure that your website work with maximum efficiency as soon as possible. I can help you set goals, find the most important keywords to get your website to your potential customers, and be among the first to find your site. If you just order a simple, cheap website from me, I will still strive for maximum effectiveness. The success of my clients is the primary consideration and the fulfillment of my pages is a matter of prestige for me!

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